Plant Cable Management Power Sector Eastern Region
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
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                      Presentation on Cable Management System    

Pre requisite
  1. Unit   directory   readily   available  in pisfinance
  2. Site Directory       readily   available  in pisfinance
  3. item directory  -  required to generate -   during LR detail entry update item dir automatically
  4. vendor directory  readily   available  in pisfinance / ISMS
  5. PO directory    readily   available  in pisfinance / ISMS
  6. Vedor PO     readily   available  in pisfinance / ISMS
  7. BHEL  user list  and right       -    readily   available  in pisfinance / ISMS  -  right to be customise
  8. Vendor list and right      - to be customise
  9. Mu+site+proj +(unit)


  • User right
  • Sore yard database
  • DB creation  -  inspection - stock entry - Virtual available stock  -    RIV by vendor  ( from available virtual stock)- Review & approval by BHEL erection engineer    - History of modification   -  material issue gatepass request by vendor  -  gatepass approval cum issue by BHEL MM -   virtual vendor stock 
  • MDR - generation - review - approval
  • CIV - not consider
  • Return stock voucher -  adjustment of  virtual vendor stock
  • Cable schedule drawing enry -    drawing detail entry -   import from xls file -   BOM generation cum entry - approval by BHEL engineer
  • cable schedule ammendment ( revision)
  • Worklog creation ( with Item from vendor stock) - worklog review/approval  -  History of modification
  • Date wise approved  work log -  Worklog sent for Measurement sheet (bill)  - 
  • Rework approval for  completed schedule

DBR Insp for approval  
RIV for approval  

RSV for approval -ERN  
RSV for approval -MM  
CIV for approval    

Cable Schedule for approval  
Cable Lay WorkLog for approval  
Cable-Termination WorkLog for approval  

Cable- Measurement Sheet Approval(single)                             
Cable- Measurement Sheet Approval (Double)       
Cable - Rework Permission       


  • Create Project
  • Create Package
  • Create user
  • allote right
  • Create stock  yard
  • MM -user - Create DB, Gate pass
  • ERN User : RIV, RSV, Worklog, WL-Bill
  • BHEL user :  review and approval for all activity


  1. Stock yard
  2. Day book
  3. Day book inspection
  4. RIV
  5. RIV Approval
  6. Gate Pass
  7. RSV
  8. Cable Schedule
  9. Worklog
  10. worklog approval
  11. Measurement sheetl
  12. Measurement sheet  Approval
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